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We are a data visualisation agency established in 2015.

We conceive smart data visualisations to make your business strive relying on data-driven decisions. Make these descisions easy using all the unseen potential in your data.


> Datavisualisation, IHM, UX/UI, Business Intelligence

A team with a unique combination of specific skills to be able to offer you the best possible visualisation to help you make decisions driven entirely by your data.


> Tested and proven know-how

Since 2015 we help our clients take advantage of their data. We make them easy to understand and easy to share accross your team to help you create a data culture, designed around playful and interactive interfaces.


> Endless reasearch

We are passionate about data visualisation. We are endlessly looking to improve how we synthesize the data of our clients while keeping its richness. We also want to make custom data visualisation accessible to everyone and that is why we created, a data-drawing software.

You want to take full advantage of your data ? A dashboard idea ? Contact us !

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